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Pushchair with 2 children?

A question for those of you who are PG with your 2nd (or more!). What are you doing re pushchairs?

I was planning on using my Cherry still, along with a baby-carrier and a buggy board so I can chop and change whether Haiden or the baby goes in the pushchair, however, if I fall PG this month Haiden won't quite be 2 1/2 years old when the baby is born. I worry whether this is too young for a buggy board

What are you all doing? Doubles are pretty pricey even though I would go second hand on Ebay. I have been watching some iCandy Pears on there to see what they go for and they are still more than I paid for the Cherry brand new! xx


  • I am due in August and will using the buggy with the baby in a sling to start with, then going to get a buggy board. James is going to be 2 in August but doesnt go in his buggy much as he seems to love walking and can go realy far without getting tired so planning for him to walk a bit and use the buggy board and see how it goes.

    I think Im going to have to just wait and see to a certain extent!! xx
  • Im going to try and manage without a double. I have my quinny for the baby and a small stroller for Holly which is fine if out with hubby or my mum. Anywhere I might need to go alone (tesco, local shopping centre etc) Im planning on putting car seat into a trolley and Holly in the seat of the trolley! Or if doing a big shop the trollys at my supermarket have a baby seat beside a toddler seat so should be able to manage. Holly loves walking and in another 4 and a half months im sure ill hardly be using a pushchair for her that much anyway.

    I may get a sling for the early days just in case.
  • I'm glad youare all echoing my thoughts! x
  • Hiya, I will have 3 pram options!

    1. I am converting back Roisin's Silvercross 3D to newborn mode and adding a buggy board.

    2. I have a sling so will sometimes put baba in this and R in a lightweight stroller.

    3. I have bought a second hand iCandy pear tandem on ebay, got a good bargain image

    Roisin will nearly be 2 and loves to walk, but I don't drive so we walk a lot and it'd be too much for her little legs!
  • How much did you get the pear for? X
  • ??155 for tandem pram and 1 footmuff. Still need carrycot so will prob be about ??200 in total. Can't complain! x
  • That's not bad at all! Did you have to travel far for collection? x
  • I really like it- it is nice a light and it turns really well. It woud be handy if it all collapsed together but you can't have it all can you!

    Haiden will be 21 months soon and we still use it- never bought an umbrella pushchair. Saying that we will be boroowing one when we go away in June, but that's only becuase we need the room in the car xx
  • HI hun,

    I'm not gonna bother with a double.

    H hates his buggy really and walks everywhere. We bought a silvercross pop buggy when we went to OZ which we like but he would rather be out and trying to run off!! He is so energetic and walks miles - usually with me pushing an empty buggy!!

    H will be 27 months when this little one is born and I'll be using my Quinny Buzz for baby and will possibly buy a buggy board. If we go on big days out we can always take the buggy too if there is more thgan one adult. H will still go to nursery 2 days when I'm on mat leave and grandparents will be around loads too so I'm not worried about it. If we struggle we'll buy a double but I just dont think we'll need it. H thinks he's about 4 or 5!!! Ha ha.
  • Well it does, but it doesn't seem to fold flat so I tend not to bother x
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