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Birth Story - Ben, my gorgeous boy!

Hi everyone, thought id attempt my birth story now before Ben ends up being a few months old and i forget it all.

He is my third baby, and after two membrane sweeps that gave me a show and some period type pains, i was induced at 2 weeks late.

I was told to go into hospital on Sunday at 8.45am, and after a very long day involving many times of being told to come back in an hour/2 hours as they were too busy...i finally had my waters broken at 7pm, and was told i had been 3cm dilated at that i thought good, a little bit there already.

i was told to go and walk about for 2 hours, and they would assess if i needed to be put on the syntocin drip at that point, depending on whether contractions had started.

We made our way downstairs to the main mall of hospital where there are many shops etc so it was quite easy to pass the 2 hours there walking around, i did start to feel contractions, not too painful but definitely there. They were around 4-5 mins apart so quite managable.

At 9pm we went back to labour ward and the midwife said that as i had started having pains they would leave me another 2 hours and then reassess if i needed the drip, as they wanted to give me the best chance of labouring without the syntocin drip.

I quickly started having painful contractions, and i tried to cope by pacing the room, trying to concentrate on tv (didnt really work) and bouncing on ball.

At around 11pm the midwife re-examined me and I was around 5-6cm dilated, and which point I asked for an epidural and was using gas&air while waiting for the aneasthetist. This was my first epidural, but it was the best decision I made. I was then able to sleep for a few hours, although I was kind of dozing in and out of sleep as i was too nervous/excited, and i had the midwife coming in and out to take my blood pressure etc due to epidural.

At around 5am-ish the midwife suggested that she was going to have a doc examine me, with a view to defintely hooking up the syntocin drip for a quick boost as labour had slowed and I had been 7cm for a longer time than they wished.

The doc examined me, said i was still 7cm, and the midwife hooked up the syntocin drip and said she would not switch it on til she gave me a top up of epidural.

She was about to give me the top up in epidural, but at this point, I was in sudden pain, after several hours of being completely pain free, I had the sudden need to get up onto my knees and felt i couldnt sit down again, the pressure feeling below was unbearable.

I remember being so calm for hours, and then all of a sudden i completey changed, i was terrified and panicking. The midwife explained i was in transition and it was normal etc but I couldnt take in what she was saying.

SHe asked me to lie back so she could examine me again (bearing in mind she and the doc had examined me less than 10 mins ago), but i couldnt.

I knelt up against the back of the bed which had been in a sitting up position, and just kept saying the baby was definitely coming and why wasnt the epidural working anymore.

The midwife said I think you just need to push and it be better. I just pushed and screamed!!, around 3 or 4 pushes i think ,and he was born at 5.35am, and was 8lb 13oz.

So i had gone from 7cm to 10cm in a matter of minutes. And the pushing part had been without pain relief so i felt every bit of it. If im honest it was terrifying, but it was the first time i had given birth without being on morphene or pethidine type drugs, and i was much more aware which i liked.

I just remember him being under my bum on the bed and the midwife and my husband telling me not to sit down as he was under me.

Looking back, i couldnt have asked for a better birth, as i was able to relax/sleep for the majority of it, and only suffered real pain for less than 10 minutes. It was a shock as it all kicked off so fast but he is here now and he is fabulous and has settled into the family. I am slowly gettin gused to the madness of having 3 children...but it has only been 3 days!

Laura, mum to DD age 6, DS age 2 and DS 3 days old xx


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