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Unsettled with the heat?

Anyone elses lo's suffering with the hot weather?

Poor Madelyn seems to be unsettled due to the heat. She is 7 weeks on Tuesday. Usually it is nappy change and feed every three hours, roughly, with sleep and/or play in between. The last 2 days she has been pooing every hour roughly, but when changed is used to a feed so demands food, and is all confused and upset. She cant settle into a sleep and has started crying - she is normally a very contented happt baby who only whinges for food, during nappy change etc. I seem to be constantly breastfeeding and changing nappies, including through the night last night. Hope tonight is better!


  • Hi, for what it's worth my 16mth old DD has had heat exhaustion today with very runny poo-ee nappies and very upset with it all. Try dressing in loose clothes or stripping down to nappy so baby is not too hot. Try substituting a couple of breastfeeds with a bottle of preboiled water as baby will be de-hydrated and in need of fluid rather than food. Keep bedding light, a sheet instead of a blanket, or leave it off. Hopefully you'll see an improvement. Good luck
  • It could be the heat so keep her cooled but also at 6 weeks they tend to have a growth spurt, my dd used to feed 3 hourly but it dropped to 1-1.5 hourly which resulted in lots more dirty nappies at 6-7 week mark & again around 10 weeks.
  • Thanks ladies, weather has cooled and Madelyn is more settled. Think it was a growth spurt too! x
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