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How to calculate what my wage will be part time?

Hi ladies?

My math skills are rubbish, and I'm trying to calculate what my salary will be if I was to go back to work part time? Does anyone k ow if there is a formula I can use to work it out?

Sorry, it's probably really straight forward, but I'm rubbish at working these things out!

Thanks ladies xxx


  • I would divide your annual salary by 52 for a weekly wage, then divide by the number of hours you currently work for an hourly wage. Then multiply this by your part time hours for a weekly partime salary. Multiply this by 52 again for a partime annual salary. Then google "salary calculator" and run tbe partime annual salary through for your take home wage.
  • Can you phone your payroll department and ask them? That's what i did and they worked it all out for me whilst i was on the phone and gave me a rough idea of what it would be. x
  • Thanks ladies! Faithie, that calculation was great.

    Eek, just sent off my email applying for reduced hours.........fingers and toes crossed...... Xxx
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