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First baby jabs

Hello everyone,

I'm taking my baby girl for her first jabs on Thursday at nine weeks old. I'm terrified.

Anyone have any advice on how to handle before/during/after? I'm wondering if I should stock up on Calpol in advance etc?

Millie has been sleeping so well (ten hours plus at night now)I'm praying the jabs don't disrupt all our good work....


  • Hi, try not to worry too much about jabs. For babies first year all of their jabs should be going into their thighs so make sure these are easily accessible (loose fitting trousers or skirts). Baby may have slightly raised temp after jab so Calpol may not be a bad idea to help lower it. As for sleep patterns, as long as baby isn't being jabbed just before bedtime I expect it'll be long forgotten by that point. My DD was fine with all of hers, a few tears immediately after, second we were out of surgery it was like it had never happened.
  • Definately stock up on calpol!

    Izzy coped really well with her jabs. She was grumpy in the day or slept a lot but apart from that we didnt have any other symptoms.You will be fine.
  • Onr of my boys cried for about 5 seconds, then just gave the doc a look of disgust. The other was quite upset and remained unsettled for the whole day, but he slept ok (well he wasn't sleeping thru by then anyway) throughout the night. Calpol defo helped him with a nap in the day tho.

  • we gave calpol just before the injections and then another dose at the next designated interval as advised by the doctor at our 6 week check.
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