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tired weepy n sicky

i lost my little bean 3 wks ago so cos was a early miscarrige i should be due again next monday i think..

last few days ive had some right bad period pains.

feel so down and weepy today and brought up my cuppa

tmi sorry!!!!

think its just going be one of them months til i come on af again..

peeps keep telling me ure more fertile after a mc, but i highly doubt it, took us 15mths get the bfp. i stupidly did a test last wk and was bfn.

sorry rant on again....

god i hope i come on here one day in a better mood u poor ladies must be sick of hearing me rant on and moan. image

thankyou all for the support i have recieved x x


  • Its no wonder you are ill with everything you have been going through! My heart really does go out to you!

    I hope AF arrives soon so you can start trying again. I cant imagine what you are going through as i have never had a MC but i know how hard it is TTC for so long. Im now at 2 and a half years trying for our first and still not any further forward.

    Its so hard to carry on sometimes but i really hope you get a sticky BFP soon! Good luck xx
  • Hi shedragon,

    I'm not surprised you're feeling like this, its an awful thing to be going through. I hope it happens quickly for you this time hun.

    Hopefully being weepy and sicky is a good sign for you super sticky bean this time.

  • thankyou so much ladies for the support x x x
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