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Currently have the m&p Prima Viaggio and HATE it. LO hates it too and is just so uncomfortable, he doesn't seem to fit in it properly and screams al the time he is in it.

He is 7 months old and 21lb so will be looking for a forward facing one.

There is one for ??25 in the asda baby event but is that too cheap for a car seat.


  • I suppose it all depends on the car seat. Remember that they don't always suit all weight/age ranges and some won't fit certain cars very easily. I have the Maxi-Cosi Tobi for my 16mth old DD which she transferred into just before 9mths old, she loves it, it has 5 laying positions and is high up so she can see the world going past outside the window, also a 5point safety harness with cushion points. We paid ??75 for it during a sale event at Mothercare. My sister swears by the Brittax range. Have a look around various stores you can sometimes find the same carseat at differing prices.
  • Quote: "He is 7 months old and 21lb so will be looking for a forward facing one."

    ...or you could keep him rearfacing (in a group 1+ seat)which is safer.

    If i were you and you don't want a RF group 1 seat i'd keep him RF in his current seat (or buy another) for as long as possible. His neck will still be relatively weak and his head comparatively heavy. That won't help him at all in a crash. Better a baby that moans about his car seat than an injured one.

    If you choose a FF seat i'd go with Brittax. They are apparently the safest but for some reason i don't think they do a RF group 1+ seat for the UK market.
  • It doesnt matter how cheap they are, they all have to meet minimum safety standards - if its the right size and he is comfy in it, go for it - i think they are ridiculously overpriced anyway which is why we have a second hand one!
  • My daughter was really uncomfortable in her infant carrier and used to scream and put up a real struggle when we put her in it. SO when she was 6 months we bought a combination seat - that is one that can be rear or forward facing - we bought the Britax First Class PLus, sure its quite pricey but it should last her until she needs a booster. Aila has travelled soo much better since we switched her to the 1st class she doesn't struggle at all when we put her in and she looks fr more comfortable.

    I was tempted to wait until she could go FF but after watching a video about car seat safety I swiftly changed my mind I really want her to RF until at least a year. I'm all for saving money with Baby items but when it comes to safety you can't put a price on it. Here's he video
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