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Walking...or lack of it

Help!!! My twins are now 17 months and seem determined not to walk any time soon. Ds will cruise around the furniture and stand unaided but wont take that first step. Dd does not even pull herself up and seems very happy just bum shuffling around the house.

Everyone tells me not to worry but I am getting really concerned. I feel like they are being left behind as they are not running around. Should I make a doctors appointment or just wait it out? Anyone else with similar experiences.


  • Hi, based on experiences with my DD, my nieces and nephews, friends children they all started walking at different ages. My niece walked for the first time just after her 1st birthday, my nephew took his first steps at 10mths old, my DD took hers at 14mths old and my friends DD is only just now taking her first steps at 2yrs old. They all seemed to know where they wanted to get to and it was just a case of them figuring out the faster way to get there. My DD is now 16mths and running everywhere (Argh!). Every child is different but if you are that concerned talk to your GP or HV, they may have helpful hints to get your children more mobile. Good luck.
  • i really wouldnt worry,DS1 he was 18months old when he walked,the twins,DS2 he was 13months old and twin sister she was 20months old and my hv said twins are normaly later in doing things aswell
  • My best friends lo has just started walking in the last 2 weeks and she's 18 months. She doesnt pull herself up and just bum shiuffled everywhere with no furniture cruising oranything, she just started walking one day! They'll get there soon I'm sure, just doing it in their own time. Know its worrying to wait it out but I would a wee bit longer if you can. Right now i'm at the worrying because my lo is 19 months and hardly says any proper words (whereas best friends little one must have about 50 or more!) All do things in their own time.

  • My baby is nearly 14 months and he isn't walking or even attempting it. My bad because I had put him into a walker and he used his upper body to push and then walk which made him tip toe. So looks like it's going to take time for him to walk. Don't worry about it too much. x
  • My daughter didn't walk until she was 18 months old. She is now 3 1/2 and running lol. It doesn't make any difference and they will walk when they are good and ready. I wouldn't worry about them. My daughter didn't crawl either. She just bum shuffled from 15 months old. She was almost 6 weeks prem as well.
  • My son is 20 months and is still nowhere near walking!!

    I know how hard it is seeing others running around and coming away feeling as though they are missing out.

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