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ideas please

Hi ladies

I need some ideas please.

Raeya's 1st birthday will be in August.

It will be at our house, looking at about several other babies with parents there too.

It's going to be outside so fingerscrossed on the weather

(if weather is rubbish we can move it indoors - so thats ok)

So far we are going to hire a soft play set for the day and borrow a gazebo from a friend.

We'll also have a ball pit too.

were thinking about getting a bubble machine but do you think its worth it? also can you get the bubble solution that is non-toxic and stain free???

we're going to have some games for the parents

food is going to be a buffet style with disposable cups, plates etc

we'll get the normal, balloons, banners etc

Is there anything that I should think about?

I'm a first time mom so not entirely sure what one year olds like and can enjoy....



  • Gosh you are we organised! I think we are just going to have a bbq for family. To be honest every baby I know has slept through thier first birthday party so I'm not planning on too much for him especially considering his favourite toy at the minute is lentils in an empty coke bottle - he's not hard to please! Your party sounds ace!
  • hiya, my daughters first birthday was at a hall we hired. We had 50+ guests and it was a lovely day but I swore never again lol She is now 7 and last year she had a sleepover and it was fab.

    We bought a bubble machine from Tesco and the solution to go with it and it hasn't stained any clothes at all and its been great. We get it out when we have our friends little ones over and they love it. May be worth buying one instead of hiring one, it may work out cheaper. Sounds like you are really organised image
  • i'm not normally organised lol

    it's a joint 1st birthday, my friends little girl is only days younger than Raeya and as she is now expecting her second baby (in August aswell LOL) thought it'd be a nice idea to do it together, that way my friend doesnt have to worry about anything.

    i've never seen bubble machines in tesco, did you get it online? how much roughly did it cost?

    also another question, our garden has no grass and we'll be getting those foam mat thingys that piece together, anyone where to buy then were you dont pay an absolute fortune, also i need ones that dont have numbers or abc's in them, i need them just plain so when i want to pick them up i'm not taking ages doing it or losing bits lol

    thanks ladies

  • Hi I got my foam tiles from ebay. They're fab and you can choose the colours. I can't remember how much they were but I know they didn't cost a fortune. I've used them indoors and out and they're great. Easy to clean too!
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