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What sleep training techniques have u all tried?

Hi all my ds is 6 month 3 weeks and started sleeping through for a few weeks 7.30pm-6am now hes waking about 3 times on average.

ATM i hold his hands and sing to him while he falls asleep and i know when he wakes he expecting me to do this again.

Sometimes at 3am ish he will grizzle and fall asleep 5 mins later and i leave him. But im thinking about doing cc.

Its just ive read it can have a negative affect on the baby and cause depression etc in later life. I feel really bad about it but im so tired and he is so ratty in the day and needs 4 hours in the day.

Anyone tried it or have any other suggestions?


  • with cc the irst thing you need to do is ensure day time naps and meal times are spot on. you need to ensure he's not waking up hungry or sleeping too much in the day. dont just start with night time cc.

    we did cc at 11 months and by night 3 it was working well and on night 4 she went down no crying at all and slept through 7-5am. it took a few more weeks to get her going 7-7 and she did that by herself. you cant start it and then give p as i you do that youve just let your baby to cry or no reason, which is cruel. so id say get the book and make sure you have a plan beore you start. we did it so i did all the get ups so there was no conusion. a friend has alternated between her and her husband and is taken them a lot longer.
  • CC worked well for us and we only had to do it once and he learnt straight away!! which was lucky as i struggled doing it.

    My mum let all four of us cry and non of us are depressed!!

  • ive got the same issue, ds self settles at night when he first goes down to bed but if he wakes up in the middle of the night then most times i do have to sscchhh him, im still feeding him during the night, which at this moment in trying to space out every 4 hours, but when do you know its time to drop the night feeds, are they waking just out of habit or really hungry?

    anyway no advice sorry but shall be seeing what other says, i dont see the problem with cc as long as it is controlled which im sure it will be or you could always do pu / pd /cc so your letting them cry for 10 mins say and then going in, again it takes a few days and not much fun in the middle of the night but we gotta do what we gotta do!
  • We have started crying down which i suppose is quite like CC, we dont need to do it every night but basically we know that she is fed and clean and cuddled before bed and then we leave her to cry for about 10 minutes, if there is no let up then we go in and comfort but if the crying is interspersed with quiet breaks we know she is on her way and gradually the quiet breaks get longer and eventually she goes to sleep - if she is crying in this way then we dont go in at all sometimes it can go on for 45 minutes but it is never frantic crying - we have found that if she is in this cycle that we break it by going in and we have to start again for up to another hour.

    With regards to waking in the night, i am pretty certain that when she wakes it is purely because she is hungry (if she doesnt eat a great deal of solids in the day i know i'm in for a long night) as her waking time is haphazard and she can sometimes go for 8 hours - i can usually feed her back to sleep, if not i just have to keep letting her comfort on the breast until she is asleep enough for me to put her back down - it's silly but i cant leave her to cry in the night as my husband has to be up at 5.30am and i dont want him waken - as well as the impact on the neighbours.

    Hope that you find a solution that works for you soon xx
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