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OT Older LOs Throwing Food


I've put this thread on the Foody forum, but it looks really quiet there (and my 'born in' forum is practically deserted), so I thought I'd see if any of you 2nd+ timers can give me any advice...

MissG is 14 months old and is a very good eater, however, we cannot seem to get through to her that throwing food on the floor is bad and have to endure it as every meal time.

Throwing the food is not her way of saying that she has finished her food or even that she doesn't like/want it. She will continue to eat food off her plate even after throwing has begun.

I have taken her plate from her on countless occasions and then handed pieces of food to her one bit at a time (which sometimes works and she takes the food and eats it, or she can be know to take the food and throw it!). We always firmly tell her 'No!' and not to do it. I have raised my voice at her on a few occasions too, but she seems to find it funny!

How do I get through to someone so young? She does seem to understand that it is wrong, but still persists.

It's been going on for a good few months now.

I'm strongly against any form of physical punishment in children, so please don't reply if tapping or smacking is your suggestion!

Thank you!


  • hello there

    our LO is 16 months and we have this although not at every meal time, personally i think its something they grow out of (or i hope)we say no and dirty but i doubt he really understnds fully which is why we dont punish further as i dont think it would help at this age

    so i dont really have any advice but your not the only one! we are just continuing with saying no and if its on the floor its gone, i'm not ready to take his plate away yet or get him down from the table, so will be watching for any pearls of wisdom myself!
  • Thanks PP!

    Good to know we're not alone. I too really hope it's just a phase, but also don't want to just sit back and wait for it to end in case it doesn't!

    Anyone else been through this to the light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Thanks anyway! As I said to PP, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has this problem.

  • might be worth asking the healthvisitor if they have any tips?
  • My DD is now 3 and I clearly remember her going through this phase and I'm pretty sure this is all it is. Its just frustrating I know. I wouldn't worry especially if she is eating well.
  • Cheers! Here's hoping for a quick end to the phase!!

  • Did this phase come to an end MissusG? i have been googling this subject as my little girl is 14 months and going through this phase at the moment! I came across your post and was hoping that as it was posted around 18months ago you may be able to give me some reassurance that your little one grew out of it eventually image

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