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Clearblue fertility webchat, 12-1pm on Monday 23rd May

Babyexpert is pleased to welcome back Dr Dawn Harper, Clearblue Fertility expert, to answer your questions about fertility in a LIVE webchat on Monday 23rd May, from 12-1pm.

Don't worry if you can't make chat on the day, leave your question below now and Dawn will endeavor to answer as many questions on the day as possible.


  • Dear Dr. Dawn Harper,

    Please, please would you answer my question! I would be very much obliged.

    I have been suffering from heavy periods with long bleeding cycles, this started in 2007...only now has the excessive bleeding stopped I had a few normal periods since 2010 and my periods have stopped completely since March's now May so am getting paranoid.

    I would like to try for a baby as soon as possible, am aged 37 and I have no children previously, so it's a big deal.

    My GP conducted tests to see if I am menopausal or perimenopausal, the results have comeback and my GP says they are fine, the most important to detect menopause is the LH/FSH levels seem to be fine, my GP gave me a copy of the results:


    serum FSH level is 4.6iu/L

    Free Androgen Index 3.6

    Serum Testosterone 1 nmol/L

    Serum Prolactin level 615 mu/L

    Serum Sex Hormone binding globulin level 28 nmol/L

    I am concerned as the hormones can be different depending on where my cycle is but as no period can the results be reliable?.

    please can you tell me if the tests are suffice to detect menopause, I am worried and am very stressed , please help. :?
  • Hello everyone. Dr Dawn here. I thought I would log on a little early and get started so if you have any questions, please send them over and i'll try to help as many of you as I can.

  • Hello Sohail2iqbal

    I'm sorry to hear your periods are such a problem. You are right - the FSH level is the hormone we test for to check for menopause. It is a hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and it drives the ovaries. When the ovaries are failing (around the time of the menopause) the FSH levels rise as the brain tries harder and harder to stimulate the ovaries. Your level is normal which is reassuring but I do appreciate your frustration. At 37 it is quite understandable that you want to get on with things and I think it would be perfectly reasonable to ask your GP to refer you on to a specialist at this stage to look into what is happening

    Best wishes

  • Hi Dawn,

    Not sure if you remember me from the last live chat? I was waiting for an ultrasound to check for PCOS! I have had the scan and now I am waiting for the results! I am an emotional wreck at the moment!! and cant calm down! I thought that after the scan I would be ok!! Could this be down to hormones?
  • Hello splashpot22

    Yes of course I remember you. Poor you. My guess is that you are just stressed out waiting for results which is why you are so emotional. How long ago was the scan and have they given you any idea of when you can expect to get the results?

  • Hi Dawn,

    Before I conceived my son in Feb 09, I had very regular cycles of 30 days, almost like clockwork! My periods returned in June 10 after I stopped breastfeeding, and were, again, very regular at 29/30 days.

    Suddenly, in September, I had a very long cycle of 40 days. The cycle following that was even longer, and there didn't seem to be any explanation.

    We started ttc #2 in January, but mainly began by charting my cycles. They've varied from 36 to 42 days since then, with one cycle in which I started spotting at CD28; that cycle turned out to be 32 days. I'm very worried I've missed my chance to conceive, as my mum had unexplained fertility after she had me, and went on to need treatment, eventually going on to have my sister five years later, and my brother five years after that. I just don't have ten more years, I'm 30!

    I'm concerned that I'm still ovulating around CD13/14, as I get all the signs around then, but then that would make my LP around 20 days! image

    What can I do to sort my cycles? Is there any explanation for them going like this over the last 8 months?

  • Hello EmCB

    It is actually very common for periods to change after a baby and in our thirties so try not to worry too much. You may find it helpful to use the Clearblue Digital Ovulation test which will help you to identify your fertile days and take some of the stress and guess work out of trying to conceive. Have a look at the website for more information about the test and good luck

    Best wishes

  • I had the scan today.She said my Doctor would have them within the week. She wanted to take a closer look at the pictures first. I am terrified at what she might find!!!! The bleeding is getting worse too! and is interferring with my daily life!! I cant stop crying!
  • Hello Splashpot22,

    OK - it is normal for the radiographer not to give results at the time and to have the pictures reviewed by a radiologist so try not to read too much into that. Maybe you should give your GP a call and ask if they would be able to ring the hospital and get the report over the phone or get them faxed to the surgery. It may not be today but you are getting so worried and I'm sure if we could fast track the results for you that would help. Now might be a good time to call the surgery as most GPs will be finishing morning surgery around now.

    Let me know how you get on

  • Good morning!

    I had a dark line on an opk today, when is it best for me and my husband to have sex to try and fall pregnant?

    Thank you!
  • Hi VixV - sorry - what is an opk?

  • sorry its an, ovulation prediction kit.
  • Hi VixV

    It's difficult to know without being familiar with your specific kit but have a look at the instruction manual that came with it. If a black line means that you are ovulating then you need to be having sex every couple of days around now.

    Good luck

  • I have booked in to see the doctor next monday! She is away this week. I only want to see her as she knows my story! She has reassured me that they wont find anything bad! and the doctor who did the scan said they couldn't see anything like that!! but its always at the back of my mind! Its me just being silly and this time tomorrow I would have forgotten about it! Its just on my mind today as It was only done this morning. (it didn't help that everyone there was pregnant!!).
  • Hi Splashpot22

    i completely understand and it must have been hard if there were lots of pregnant women around too. Maybe you should print off your last posting and carry it around with you - there are two very reassuring messages in there. Firstly, your GP has told you she isn't expecting them to find anything worrying and secondly, the doctor who scanned you this morning has said the same thing. I'm sure this is all going to be fine - it's just the waiting that is frustrating

    Best wishes

  • Hi Dr Dawn,

    I've been using the Clearblue fertility monitor for 5 months now and we haven't had any luck getting pregnant yet (we've been trying for 9 months in total). Do you have any tips as we're both getting really frustrated?

    Also I tend to get 7 days of highs before my two peaks is this normal? My cycle length also varies each month between 31 and 36 days in length could this be causing a problem for us trying to get pregnant? Is this classed as irregular?

  • Thanks Dawn, It just takes me a while to process things logically in my head without blowing it all out of proportion!!

    If its not PCOS, What else could throw your hormones off track? (and give you a raised testosterone reading)

    Starting to wonder if going on the pill for a while will help to regulate the bleeding and sort out hormone levels. Then start trying to conceive again after that.> Does the pill mask the symptoms? If I came off the pill, would I have the same problems I am having now.

    Not sure what to do for the best. Really want to have a baby but really fed up with all this bleeding. I am sure I will be anaemic before long!! There are not many days now when I am not bleeding!! Should I have a blood test?
  • Hi loopy013

    The Clearblue fertility monitor actually remembers the data that it acquires so will get to know your individual cycle and if you have varying cycles this is useful so take heart and keep using the monitor to identify your fertile days and you should aim to have sex every couple of days the time that you ovulate. I'm sure it will happen soon

    Best wishes

  • Hello Splashpot22

    The pill does mask the symptoms of PCOS and will regulate your cycle but of course it will also mean that you won't get pregnant and yes, you are right in that the pill will only regulate your cycle while you take it and then when you come off you may well be back to square one

    My advice would be to wait for the results and take things from there

    I hope you don't have to wait too long

  • Thanks Dr_Dawn_Harper image
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