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Clomid question?

Hi ladies, I am seeing a gynea next month as I feel I need further help. Short history ; I am 37, we've been ttc since dec 2009, on and off, as oh is in the Army and goes away alot.

I've had 21 day blood test done all ok. Oh SA came back fine.

Also had an early mc last year, and one years ago.

Had lap&dye in Feb, tubes are clear, ovaries good etc However had endometrioses which has been removed and was told should carry on with ttc and it will happen!

Anyway I really dont feel that it will happen and feel like I am running out of time.

I am planning on asking to be put on Clomid. Questions: How easy is it to get it prescribed? What boxes must you tick to be put on it?

Can you be put on it even if you ovulate?

Thanks in advance* xx


  • Hello summerhope

    My OH is in the army too so i know exactly how difficult it can be with them working away alot!! We have been ttc since dec 09/jan 2010 time too. Had mc last year too.

    I am now at the end of my second cycle of clomid. Going to see the FC on the 1st to ask for a lap and dye and they have not yet done that for me!!

    To answer your questions they must certainly should prescribe clomid for you, after everything else they have done i would have assumed that would be the next step for you hunny.

    You defo tick all the boxes, if i do then you defo do!!

    and yes women are sometimes put on clomid even if they do ovulate.

    Theres a Clomid TTC thread on LTTC if you wanted to ask anymore question on there too.

    Also i always say that sometimes you need to be a bit pushy.. at my FC appointment i will be kinda insisting they do a lap and dye test to rule that out. So just ask them to put you on it, and i doubt very much they will say no.

  • Hey ladies. I don't know the answer to your question but wanted to wish you luck. We are 25 weeks 3 days with a clomid baby. 50mg CD1-5 and conceived on our 2nd month

  • Hello, Im also 37, I had a mc last year and been ttc since. I have a very irregular cycle. I went to see consultant yesterday and he prescribed clomd straight away so Im sure you'll have no probs gettiing in and like the others said be pushy if need be! Good luck. Im going to check the clomid thread as Its new to me and Im worried about the risk of twins. I wouldn't mind twins but worry about the possible complications that go with multiple births. Im must be mad but considering whether to give it another month of trying naturally or just taking it! I suppose I'll know whats right at the time. good luck keep us informed xxxxx
  • Faye thank you for replying. You have really reassured me, I really hope doctor listens to me and understands that I might need extra help. I will try and be bit pushy, I am rubbish like that though!

    Oh is away at the moment but also away week after next by which time I will be ov, so that is another month out of the window. Plus he is on tour from september image

    So I am in the rush lol

    It is really not easy being an army wife, don't think anyone really understands the implications that come with being married to these guys image

    I hope clomid works for you. Definitely recomending they do lap & dye for you, as not everything is visible via ultrasound, for me everything looked perfect, only lap& dye found out different.

    Torch congratulations! I read so many good stories about clomid I feel it is the only way forward.

    Poppy good luck to you also. I know what you mean about being reluctant I also was hoping for thing to hapen naturally, but I think time is precious so I just want to go for it.

    I also would be worried about twin pg, specially at this age, as I have a friend who was 39 when she had her twins, and her pregnancy was so difficult and she had loads of complications, saying that there are many positive experiences also image

    I looked at the clomid thread but just didn't want to g/c

    Thank you all again, and best of luck!

    Will keep you posted.

    Summer x
  • Oh Summer don't worry about crashing the Clomid TTC thread thats what its there for hunny!!

    And you are so right about no one really knows how hard it is being an army wife unless your married to a soldier. My hubby is due to go on tour again april next year and has lots of excerises etc coming up so for the next 2 months there will be no ttc as he is away most of june then the first 2 weeks of July!! What i am worried about is falling and being due while he is away.....which is now very likely as the next 2 months we wont get pg as he isn't really here so after that it will id be due depending on when i fall he will be away so I am tempted to wait till next year now so id be due end of tour or as he gets back.

    I know its hard to be pushy but seriously do it!! Youl feel better about it if you do!!!! hehehehe

    Keep us up dated and if you ever wanna chat let me know and il send you me email add

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