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next step for me, ? clomid??

hiya ladies

i am awaiting our second fertility appt in two weeks time

below is evreything that we have had done:

Bloods to check OV- done and came back ok

Sperm analysis- came back ok, then second repeated one came back good

HSG xray- results were clear, no blockages

Smear tests- all clear for STD's etc

Im worried what the next step for us may be!

My BMI is a very ashamedly 35, and our consultant has said i need to get it down if we want treatment. So im terrified were going to get to our next appt and hes going to say go away until youve lost weight! image

Is clomid an option for me? whats the weight advice for clomid? god im so confused here.

please can anyone help xxx


  • Hello hunny

    I honestly don't know what they will say! But i would have thought normally the next step most docs start with if you have had everything that you have had done would be clomid, i don't know anything about weight restictions on clomid. They never even weighted me or did my BMI so how would they know. But if he has said you need to get your BMI down before treatment, then i would assume by that they might not give you clomid till you had....BUT he might be taking about IVF or some of the other options futher down the line and not clomid and the start of treatment.

    Unfortunately i think it might be a case of having to wait for your appt as they all seem to work differently too.

    Good luck though hunny

  • Isn't clomid just to stimulate ovulation? I'd have thought the next step would be iui for you dummy mummy as you're ovulating already.
  • Just seen on another thread that they sometimes give clomid to women who ovulate already, I guess it depends on your consultant
  • Hi dummymummy,

    I was in the same boat as you 5 months ago-so, I'm afraid I would prepare yourself for the worst. I was under the impression that the BMI issue was just for IVF etc, but was told at my appt that Clomid is not supposed to work very well if your BMI is over 30, hence why they don't give it. (I was gutted!)

    I had a BMI of 33 and have got that down to 31 and they are happy with that and prescribed clomid at my last appt. But the gynae did emphasize that I am still, technically obese and still should keep trying to lose weight. I am 12 1/2 stone now and need to be 10 1/2 to be normal weight!!

    Its so frustrating, though, as I dilude myself into thinking that I could get pregnant at any time, so I'd be getting fatter again anyway!!!

    Good luck for your appt

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