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Chicken pox ?!?

Hi all

hoping someone can clarify somehting for me as I'm getting confused between incubation period and being contagious!

My LO was disgnosed with chicken pox today. I noticed a few spots last night and today one or two of them have started to fill with pus, so nursery have confirmed chicken pox.

There were a few confirmed cases in his nursery starting about 3 weeks ago. He obviously became exposed to it and I know the incubation period can be upto 3 weeks. I took my LO to a party 2 weeks ago - is there a chance he could have passed the infection on to other children or would he not have been contagious as he didnt have the spots at that time?

Thank you for any advice NTTxx


  • My little one is just getting over chicken pox at the moment. Thankfully she's had a very mild version - only 10 spots and you wouldn't have noticed she was ill.

    I took her to the gp on Monday for diagnosis and she told me that she would have been contagious up to two weeks before the first spot, and remains contagious until the last spot has crusted over. There is a chance that your little one may have passed the infection on at the party, but he may have actually caught the infection there. To be on the safe side, I told everyone I'd had contact with in the two weeks prior to the spots appearing that she had chicken pox.

    Don't worry about it too much, it does seem to be going round at the moment and there's nothing you could do to prevent the spread if you didn't know he was ill.
  • PS - noticed from your other post that you're a fellow BIM 10 mummy. We're all over on facebook now, are you on fb? Send me a pm with your name and I'll add you xx
  • They are contagious 1-2 days before the spots appear and until they have all scabbed over. He could have caught it from someone at the party but wouldn't have been contagious then. Once they catch it it can take up to three weeks to come out.
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