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Straw Cups/Beakers

Hi Girls!

My LO has just learnt to suck through a straw, so am looking for a cup....but with 2 handles! She just cant seem to get to grips with cups without! Nuby do one, but not in ENgland apparently! We had a winnie the pooh one given to us for Xmas, but cant find it anywhere!

Thanks xxx


  • Hey,

    This may be a silly idea and not what your looking for. But cant you buy one of those baby beakers that have 2 handles but not use the lid as with out the lid its just a cup with 2 handles. ?? hth x
  • My daughter drinks from a TT cup without the lid when she is at her grannys (not through a straw though). Are you thinking for a treat or regular use, I didn't think you were meant to give them drinks through a straw??
  • Hi hun

    My LO drinks through a straw too. She'll drink from abeaker but she drinks more water through a straw so she'll often have that. TBH the easiest thing I found was to take a straw and a bottle of water and hold it for her!! We got the Nuby cup with a straw but neither of us could get any fluid out of the non-spill plastic one :lol:

    Have to say I haven't seen any with two handles - most of the beakers with straws are 12months plus (usually when they start to use a straw) so that might explain why they leave the handles off!

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