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ADVICE PLEASE - 39 + 2 Midwife Appointment big baby and SPD.

Hi Ladies

I desperately need some advice. I have my midwife today and tbh im not very happy. baby has been measuring 2 weeks ahead since week 28 and has never stopped growing at this rate hence last wed midwife appointment baby was measuring term. I have been diagnosed with SPD and am in agony. Baby has been sitting on the rim of my pelvis since week 35 and i have to be honest and say i am now terrified that the baby is too big for my pelvis? Midwife has said that 12 day over induction is all they will offer alongside sweeps when overdue (so next wed and the following wed, induction would be sat 18th june). Can i request to be have a second opinion? i dont want to be left till 18th in this agony only to end up with a section if baby is too big. I am a dog walker and i walk everywhere despite pain and i have bounced on my birth ball for all im worth and still this baby wont engage

any help or advice would be much appreciated.


  • Hi from Di July my friend had this she was due in March she had the same issue baby wasn't engaged and was sitting on her pelvic rim. She got nowhere with the midwife so went to see her gp who referred her to consultanat and for a scan her baby did engage at the last minute but surely they should be looking more closely at it for you. Hope you get somewhere x
  • Yeah I would go to your GP and try to get referred to a consultant, most MW wont sweep on week 40 but my consultant did and I was pleased I lost my plug that way! Shame it didn't kick anything else off :lol:

    But at least with a consultant you will get that 2nd opinion and there's there's usually lots of MW about to talk to as the apts should be in the antenatal dept.

    Good luck! Sorry your MW isn't being very helpful image
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