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devastated-sad news


none of my 12 eggs were viable and were immature. So nothing could be done. This happened two hours after my egg collection i got a phone call. Looks like Im the problem.

We are devastated. My heart aches.

Why US? We are nice x x


  • Oh Hun I am so sorry. Do you have a follow up appointment to get some more info on this soon? Please don't give up but take some time to look after yourself until you know what the next steps are xxx
  • awwwww huni, i dont know if u remember me but ive still been checking up on u, im so sorry about this news hun ((((( hugs ))))) hve they said wot u can do next from here.....xxxxxx
  • just sending positive thoughts to you this also happened to me then 7 months later we got caught preggers by ourself so they is hope when u least think it xxxx baby dust to you x
  • So sorry to hear that,hope they can do something for you xx
  • im not sure, im struggling to keep it together at min image

    i will ring them at 930, i just no finding the money for us right now for ??5k is so hard and we havent got this was NHS..i feel like i not been giving a proper go at it, why all of my eggs? its not in alot of painf after EC and now theres nothing to show for it, no eggs no chance image sorry am just so sad right now xxx
  • Ah booey, I've been following your journey with fingers and toes crossed. I'm so gutted for you. Just want to send you a huge hug

  • Booey i'm so sorry hunni, thats not fair. (((Hugs))) let us know what they say later. xxx.
  • thanks ladies, im clinging onto bit of hope i can have another go, i shall find out later...

    thanks for ur support it really does help xxx
  • Booey I don't know your fertility history but the drugs they give you to develop lots of eggs this is very unnatural and even though your eggs didn't mature this way it does not mean this is what happens naturally in a normal cycle for you.

    Mooomin x
  • Aw Booey, I'm so gutted for you huni x

    Sending you huge ginormous (((hugs)))

    Hope they can giv eyou some positive news later x
  • well Been to review

    they said its rare what happened to me. Could be drugs or me?

    They giving me another goimage on different drugs to see if that works.

    Try again in three months. So that's bit

    of good news! X x
  • Booey, I'm so glad they're giving you another go hun!

    I guess its no comfort to you knowing its a rare thing to happen, but FC the different drugs will mean a far better outcome for you next time!!

    You will get a baby booey x
  • I'm so happy that they've said they will give you another go, try to stay positive they will find a reason why this time it went wrong and next time it's not going to happen and you'll get baby booey xx
  • Dear boooey - I'm really gutted for you. This is so cruel.

    I am glad you are able to have another go.

    Lots of love Xxxx
  • Hey booey, am sorry to hear this news but very glad you will be able to give it another go. Lots of luck for it, xx
  • I am so glad they are giving you another go good luck hun x
  • Urgh Booey you poor thing. I came on here to see if you had any news about your egg collection, I can't imagine how you and your husband must be feeling right now. So pleased to hear they are giving you another cycle though, I am sure this one will be it for you honey xxx
  • thanks so much ladies. . For looking out for me x

    its very cruel still can't believe it from time to time. Am back

    to work tomorrow but previously booked the week off for my two week wait. . Is tough no doubt don't no really what future holds but i have my husband and that's the best thing ever x x
  • Booey, wishing you much luck on your next go.
  • Just checking in to see if any news. So pleased they are giving you another go. Hopefully the 3 months wait will give you a bit of a break and rest for your body. Fingers crossed for you and OH.

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