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VBAC in Hospital Birthing Pool !!!

I am proud to say I managed a VBAC in my Midwife led unit and gave birth in the birthing pool!!! imageimageimage My dream birth, this is what I was aiming for the 1st time round.

My little man was born this week and it couldn't have gone better!

All I can say is it took me while to find someone who would listen to what I wanted. Rather than being told by pretty much everyone I was HIGH risk and would have to be strapped to a bed and be on a continous fetal monitor.


  • Well done you, I am hoping for the same, had 2 sections but all seems ok for me to go ahead and try for a vbac and i am allowed in the pool, so fingers crossed its available and all goes to plan!! XX

  • Congratulations! Could you tell me how you managed to get it, ease? If I have a vbac, this is exactly the experience I want! X
  • Congratulations! And thank you for giving me hope that it is possible to get the VBAC you want, not the one midwives, docs etc want you to have!

    Glad you got the birth you wanted.

    Jo xx
  • sounds fab! congrats on your new arrival, would love mine to go like this!
  • congratulations... how did u get them to let u go MWL unit? i was told catagorically no! which is why i opted for elcs in the end, couldn't face another labour strapped to a bed to end in emcs again anyway
  • Thats brilliant! Congratulations on getting the birth you want
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