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Anyone else had a sweep?

Hi ya im 39 + 4 and I saw the consultant today as they are going to induce me next week fri as I suffer with high blood pressure. Next min I know she is asking me is it ok for her to do an internal and do a sweep. I asked what was involved and she went ahead with it. There was soo much blood after it and she said that is normal?. Ive been looking on internet and some people say they gave birth 48 hours after the sweep. Is this really the case? anyone else got any sweep stories?


  • Hi There When My Labour Started With DD2 I Went To The Hospital They Monitored Me An Gave Me An Internal And A Sweep An Told Me I Wasnt In Labour I Was Just Getting Braxton Hicks Anyway The Night After I Had It My Waters Broke And I Had Her In The Early Hours I Didnt Experiance Any Bleeding Though If Your Concerned Ask Your MW She Should Be Able To Tell You Hope This Helps image Xx
  • I didnt bleed after my sweep, but then i didnt go into labour until 6 days later either! It may just be part of your plug coming away xx
  • Sorry to G/C but if you have an internal for them to feel if your cervix is 'favourable', is that the same as a sweep or is that different?

    I had an internal today and didn't even think to ask, he said I may have a show afterwards and I have had a very small amount of blood.

    I would also ring your midwife if you are concerned about blood loss.

  • i had a sweep and went into labour the next morning!x
  • I had a sweep and I bled after quite a lot. I had it Saturday at about 11pm and went into labour Sunday evening, my daughter arrived Monday 4am xx good luck xx
  • I had a sweep and didnt think it had worked as I had no signs / twinges or anything but then I woke at 3.25am the next morning in labour and Gracie was born at 9.03pm that night! XXX
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