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Hi Girls How Am You All And Your Lo's?

Just A Little Update From Me. Me And Keira Am Doing Really Well Although She Hasnt Been Weighed In Ages Shes Getting Rather Big And Heavy :lol:. She Can Nearly Crawl She Can Get On Her Hands An Knees But Thats As Far As It Goes But She Will Get There. She Isnt Fully Weaned Yet But Shes Taking Herself Off The Milk Which Im Thankfull For. Shes Still Only Got 2 Teeth Ill Be Glad When All The Rest Am Through. She Can Now Say Momma Dadda Babba Nana And Hey And Also Scream The Place Down When She Cant Get Her Own Way Lol She Definatly Has Her Own Little Personality Now An I Love It Anyway Thats Enough About Us I Wanna Hear About Yourselves And Lo's image X x


  • Morning!

    Well, charlie also defo has his own personality! He is so funny. He says Dada alot and Ta, Mummy but only when he is upset and wants a cuddle.

    he is crawling and super speedy and cruising around the furniture, in the past week he has started to let go of furniture when cruising and just stand on his own!

    He still has he milk first thing in the morning and last thing at night but other than that eats everything and anything. yesterday he had weetabix for breakfast, cheese on toast with mushrooms and peppers for lunch and then spagbol for dinner. The only thing that I have found so far that he doesnt like is salmon. He is 35in long and last time i weighed him he was just under 1 and half stone, but he is very thin.

    Mainly he is very good and always smiling but he knows what he wants and if he cant have it he likes to throw a paddy for a few seconds, lol.

  • Hiya

    hows the bump ? you cant have long to go now can you ? was thinking about u the other day ???

    Jacob is great he is a great big boy now hes 23 lb 2 and loves his food ... hes very active though crawling , crusing he has even held himself stood up straight for a few seconds before falling over

    the talking isnt quite so forward he does dada and baba and thats about it

    hes 10 months on saturday and cant believe it ! am grateful every day for how perfect he is !

    starting to think about baby number 2 but hovering over time at the moment

  • Glad to hear they are all doing well!

    Millie will be 10 months on the 15th, it's gone so quick!

    She is doing great, she is 17 lb 12 and loving her food! She was sick a few weeks ago, which means that she lost a bit of weight but she is now back on the 25th centile, where she started. She has also dropped her milk to only mornings and evenings.

    She doesn't crawl yet (more commando style but only backwards, lol) but she can pull herself onto furniture and stand. She lets go and can just stand on her own for a few seconds until she loses her balance. She amazed everyone at baby group the other day by just standing in there for over 10 seconds image

    She mainly says dada and daddy, occasionally nana and tata and very occasionally mama :roll:

    She has started becoming a bit clingy, which I quite like image . She is normally a very outgoing and smiley baby, smiling to anyone looking at her, but lately she has started once or twice to have her eyes filling up with tears when a stranger talks to her... HV reckons she now knows who she knows and who is a stranger and is reacting to this. Anyone else's baby is like this?

    She makes me so happy image

    Check my blog for up-to-date photos image
  • hi ladies

    glad to hear ur babies are doing so well

    maddison is crawling pulling her self up and cruising and just started to walk with her push along walker .we are on tooth no 7 now and had no problems at all lucky us image loves her food a big girl at 21lb 10 oz must take after mummy lol says dada daddy hiya and just starting to say mama well i think it is hope so :lol: but have to say everyday i wake up fall all in love with her again i even miss her when she is in bed not gone back to work yet god knows how i will feel when i have to leave her :cry: maddison turned 9 months last wk as was a very lazy august baby that arrived in sept can you belive our babys will be 1 soon am so broody already take care ladies xxx
  • Ahh Its So Nice To Hear All The Lo's Are Getting On So Well, I I Know Pinkkt I Cant Believe Their Going To Be 1 Soon Its Gone So Quick. All Your Lo's Seem To Be Doing More Then Keira Is I Think She Must Just Be A Slow Learner Or Something My 1st Was Quite Forward. VixV Thats Like Keira If She Cant Get Her Own Way She Has A Strop Lol Its Quite Funny. Minnie128 My 1st Was Like That She Used To Cry At Everyone She Went To. Only People She Seemed Like She Trusted Enough She Was Ok With Now She Will Only Go To Women An She Crys At Men, Who Can Blame Her Lol. Mummylintern2be Iv Got 6Weeks Left Now Its Gone Quite Fast To Be Honest I Really Cant Wait Now Its Exciting And Why Dont You Go For It Then I Think Nows Just Right To Have No.2 Courtney Was 10Months When I Got Pregnant With Keira And Now She Loves Her Its Great. X x x
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