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Bottles / Beakers

Hi Everyone havent posted on here for AGES!!!

How is everyone doing?

I'm having trouble trying to get my little madam to drink from a beaker!! She has a bottle of milk when she wakes up and one before she goes to bed, i'm more than happy for her to have these in her bottle as normal but she has juice during the day and while she will happily have bottle after bottle of the stuff i am really struggling to get her to drink from a beaker, i have tried loads of different types but she doesnt seem to like them. She'll drink a couple of sips with her lunch or dinner but then chuck it on the floor, just tried her again whilst giving her a cuddle and she refused it, tried her with a bottle and shes just finished 8oz so she obviously needs it!

Any ideas / tips!!??!


  • I have this problem too! and having googled a lot it seems very common.

    My twins (born 22.6.10 but 2 months early) still have 4 milk feeds a day, all from bottles. I'm trying beakers and straw cups but without success. My missions are to get them on to beakers for milk and to drop to three feeds, but generally a lot of people when googling say for the baby to do it themselves over time.

    They'll sip water from a Doidy cup, but obviously I have to hold it. I'm wondering about just using a regular cup soon, maybe with a regular straw cos the straw cups are hard to drink from because of the valve.

    There's a good looking solution in USA called Tilty but I Emailed them and they never replied to see if they sold in the UK, it means the baby doesn't have to 'tip/tilt' which I think is our problem - but having said that, it could just be yet another cup I buy and leave in the cupboard when it's not successful!

    Good luck - come back and reply if you find a solution please.
  • I think the problem was i was trying to many different beakers?! I no only offer her one and while she'll sip from it she still wont drink alot from it but we are getting there, i guess its a case of she'll do it when shes ready.

    She is one next week and i think from then i will just offer her everything in a beaker and she will soon realise bottles have gone. Tough love, hurts but it always seems to work in the end! Thanks for the reply, its nice to know your not the only one! xx
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