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Any body had to have stitches, just recovering. had them in yesterday but really struggling to sit down... anyone know how long they normally take to heal.



  • I had to have stitches on a 3rd degree tear after DD. They should be the dissolvable type and should ideally be starting to dissolve/dissolved by the time you are due your 6wk follow up appt. In the meantime, I found it more comfy to sit wearing an extra maternity pad for cushion. My friend used a ring designed for haemorroids to sit on. Warm showers are also a nice way to give some relief. Best wishes and take things easy.
  • I had stitches when I had a 2nd degree tear with my DS. Try some lavender oil in your bath, it helps with the healing. Another tip I was given was to dry your bits with a hairdryer on cool setting. It sounds weird but it works and I healed quite quickly. I'd also second KazzieM's tip of wearing an extra maternity pad for comfort - I did this too and it does help. Hope you're feeling more comfortable soon xx
  • I had stitches when I had a 2nd degree tear with my DS. Like the other ladies have said, I found having an extra pad on helped a bit. Also I found that once I started to do pelvic floor exercises again then they did start to feel better. Warm bath every morning also helped. It will be sore for a while but it will get better gradually. My stitches (and the whole area down there) were pretty much ok by about 5 weeks, and I would say completely back to normal by about 9 weeks.

  • I had a 2nd degree tear with my son and I'd say it was definitely healed by my 6week check. I was recommended taking arnica to speed up the healing process. Not sure if it did make any difference, but (like I kept telling my hubby) after squeezing another person out of your bits you'll happily try just about anything to make yourself more comfortable and get back to normal asap!

    I would also recommend leaning forward a bit when you go to the loo and holding your old maternity pad over the stitches.

  • I had stitches with my DD and was in so much pain each time i went to the loo, sorry for TMI, but the nurse told me to use witchhazel and it really did help. Im praying I dont need stitches this time haha xx
  • i had ALOT of stitches following my first 2 deliveries, inside and out! i put alot of salt in my bath water to prevent infection and a tip my mw gave me was to soak a maternity pad in water and put it in the freezer then into your knickers! i found that helpful if a bit strange!

    also dose up on painkillers.
  • I had them, mine took nearly 6 weeks to heal and 8-10 to be completely pain free.

    I was advised to get a special salt thing (used for after-op care too) to but in my bath to help the healing process.

    It was just over 3 years ago now though so I can't remember the exact name unfortunately.
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