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Labetalol and BF

Just wondering if anyone had successfully BF while on Labetalol? I had problems BF'ing DD last year and I since found out it can suppress your milk production. DS is due in Sept and am wondering if there's anything I can do to make this side of it easier. Will talk to my mw and consultant but just thought I'd ask in here first.

K x


  • Hi. I had pre-eclampsia and was taking labetalol from 36 weeks. I can't remember exactly when I stopped taking it, but think my dd might have been about 3 weeks old. Anyway, I was able to bf her successfully (after a rocky start!) and she still has one feed from me now at 13 months.

    I always had lots of milk so I don't think it affected my milk production. None of the consultant, mws and my gp told me that it would affect production, and they were all aware I was bf. I wasn't aware of this side affect, so will remember, just in case I have complications again when we have number 2.

    Have you been told you will be prescribed it this time round or are they just waiting to see what happens?
  • Thanks for the reply, that really helps. I've actually been on it for about 3 years as my high BP is not pregnancy related (ironically, during pg it goes to textbook levels!). To be fair, there were other factors such as an emcs and DD having tongue tie but I am just trying to eliminate factors that I can maybe control this time. I just had next to no milk and am trying to figure out why! xxx
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