Pregnancy symptoms any different, whilst breastfeed?

Hi it's Mandy, Just a quick one.

When you are breastfeeding especially for a long term like me(nearly 18 months!)are the symptoms any different!

When I got pregnant with my daughter (eventhough I didn't think I was not pregnant!) I remember going to my mum and dad's for tea and being really irritable, funny and a bit quick temepered, but really tired, just thought I was stressed at the time!

I'm really tired as my little does not sleep through and started to share a bed with me again! So I know I'm tired, but as I am not myself, I wondering if the symptoms are slighty different or I am missing something, I know there is a good chance I'm not, but live and hope!

If anyone has any experiences or advice as we are trying to get pregnant again and we are hoping it does not take along time, but I am aware that stress does pay a big factor in not conieving (probably my problem before!)

Just having abit of a hard time at the moment (general everyday, money, kids and housework)and trying to carry on and hope for a light at the end of the tunnel!



  • Mandy can't advise you on the symptoms whilst breastfeeding as I was a breastfeeding failure. I hope things work out and you get the result that you want.
  • Sorry to hear things arnt going to well,i to cannot help as only managed 3mth BF.If you think you could be preggers again what about a test just to put your mind at rest.

    Hope things look up soon for you and best of luck.
  • Thank you for your replys. No one is a failure!, it was really difficult at first to breastfeed, I just had to perserve through the pain and tears!, don't worry it's not for everyone!

    Mandy XXX
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