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Trying for 6 months and I feel I am obsessed!!!

Hi all

Ia m new here and me and Mike my hubby are trying for a baby but it doesnt seem to be happening. I feel obsessed and doing stupid things like constantly doing tests to see if we are pregnant.

I know I am being stupid but I really want this and it doesnt seem to be happening. We are trying every night and I am elevating my pelvis and timing things and doing everything we can.

I feel obsessed, as whenever I get my period I get really upset. am I normal or am I just being a strange person. My other half is amazing and he puts up with me, I am so grateful to him and love him for it. I guess I joined to see if other people are like me :lol:

So you have my life story

Speak soon I hope



  • Hi Kinchy,

    My hubby and I have only just started trying so we're still relaxed about it all at the moment... give us a few months and I'm sure that will all change. image

    Rest assured though that I know you are not on your own. If you are finding bd'ing every night is taking it's toll why don't you try just dtd every other day and see what happens. It might give your hubby's spermies a chance to regenerate a bit and might help you both relax which I'm told helps. image

    If you have any questions I'd recommend popping onto the Trying for a baby forum as they are full of information and can help with the 2ww.

    Anyway, good luck and hope to see you on a Due in forum soon. xx
  • Hi Clare

    We have only just started so not stressing (yet!), but I'm sure I'll be the same way in a few months if nothing has happened. Though we all know stress doesn't do us any favours when TTC. Also Gen82UK is right, trying everynight might be too much. Experts recommend every other night from six days before you ovulate, as sperm can live for a week and find its way to your egg. If you only have sex on the 2 days you're ovulating it leaves a very narrow window for you to concieve in, and is less likely.

    Maybe a weekend away, or even just a girls day out or plan something to take your mind off things a little?

    Good luck x
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