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hospital bag checklist

bought all babys things ready just need to sort mine now was wondering if any of you could see if i missed something off my lists? thanks

for baby

0-3 vests x3

0-3 baby gros/sleep suits x3

coming home outfit x2 [incase of sick]

scratch mitts x3

muslin squares x3

bibs x2

new born nappies

cotton wool

socks x3

booties x2

hat x2

teddy for her

blankets x3

new born dummies

all in one or coat if its cold

and make sure car seats fitted

bottles/breast pump. if a longer stay plan to try and breast feed.

my bag

disposable knickers [little angels from asda]

breast pads

lip balm

nursing bra [or just one without wire]

maternity towels

big knickers

nighties x3 with buttons on to open if too hot and for feeding

dressing gown


socks [heard some women go cold after giving birth]

shower gel




coming home outfit [something comfy and loose incase of stitches etc]

change for car park in my zip pocket so no messing about at the time

bobbles and clips in case my hair gets annoying

toothpaste and toothbrush

nipple cream

body oil/ stretchmark oil incase i need a back rub in labour

hand held fan and batteries


money incase


anything important missing? thanks x


  • I was thinking about this the other day! think I will look like I'm going away for 2 weeks holiday by the time I'm done packing! :lol:

    Think you have your list sorted!

  • i know just realised it has no towel in, or face wipes. prob will make a note to remember a bit of make up too. i look like i plan on moving in there lol xx
  • hehe you are super organised!!

    May i suggest a bendy straw - if having gas and air it makes your mouth and lips very dry. This way your OH can just lift the cup of water to your mouth and you sip from the straw. Someone told me this with DD and I will definately make sure I have one again!! You have lip balm already!

    The other - it depends on your hospital really, but at the ones in Leeds you only get one pillow postnatal. This is difficult as you want to prop it behind your back to sit better for feeding and put it under baby, so maybe a nursing pillow - especially if you have a c-section as holding the baby there could be painful. DH brought mine in the following day as I was in for 5 days.

    Also if you want to try breastfeeding maybe some nipple cream as they can get very sore if baby is struggling to latch on correctly. Lansinoh is the best around. It's a purple tube and you can buy it at any chemist for ??10, but you can get it prescribed from your Dr for free!!! Kamillson is okay too, its in a yellow tube and is a cheaper version (about ??5). To be honest at the worst points at the beginning I used both. We got there in the end though and I fed Elsie for 10 months!

    Another - big pot of vaseline. A few people told me about this one...... when the baby is born plaster its bum with vaseline. Its first poo (meconium) is like black tar and you can't wipe it off anything, the vaseline helps it come off straight away. We did the vaseline and had no problems with getting it off - all of our friends who didn't do that complained about how messy it got!!! :lol:

    Plus - chocolate / snacks for you on the post natal ward. Depending on what time you have the baby and are transferred to the ward, you may not be given any food for a long time. I delivered at 4.15pm, they don't do food on labour ward, then was transferred to post natal at 10pm. I hadn't eaten since the day before either so I was starved - luckily I had snacks to get me through the night though!! Plus when you are actually breastfeeding you get very thirsty and hungry when you're doing it - weird!!

    Sorry for all of that and adding to your bag!!! I had loads going into hospital too!!! Hoping for a homebirth this time but may not happen so I'm going to have to pack the stuff anyway :roll: ah well.

    Enjoy getting ready!! x
  • i would of said you have everything.the only thing is if your hospital is like ours you may not need a dressing gown as its so hot and both of mine were born in feb and it was snowing.When i was in there on friday it was the same temp.maybe a a plastic bag to put dirty clothes in from delivery or baby as they can get messy.x
  • ooh thank you all, only trying to pack it so soon because i keep thinking theres no way my fiance would know what to bring if i needed one in emergency. ill make sure i add those things to my list! thank you all.

    seem to be getting a thing about lists and cleaning lol must be nesting of the ocd kind! ive developed a lot of odd habits.

  • I would personally take some newborn clothes, not just 0-3. My little boy was 8lb2oz born and newborn was baggy on him... wasn't in 0-3 until about 7 weeks.

    Also, I never tried the disposible knickers but just bought the cheap big pants from asda... they were fine.

    Definitely agree with the pillow and labour snacks. Didn't eat any of mine in labour but they were great for the day after in hospital. Breastfeeding and long labour = hungry mummy! x
  • make sure you take a few packs of maternity towels in. i only took one pack in and was a heavy bleeder. had to send my mum to tesco!
  • Kirsty that looks like a good list. I just need a huge bag lol.

    Do any of you girls know if ur midwife gives out a list of what is needed in hospital?

    Also mothercare have a good sale, I bought 2 nursing cami nighties half price and a nursing lounge pant set yesterday image xx
  • nappy sacks are very handy too. and you can use them for nappies (obviously), any baby wipes/cotton wool etc (especially if u arent mobile post delivery as hospital wards usually have a communal bin so u dont want to sit with rubbish all around you whilst waiting for help) and also u can use them for disposing of maternity pads. x x
  • I haven't bought any knickers yet :lol: and now I am in a panic :lol: I have baby's bag sorted but not mine....I only have 7+ weeks......panic panic panic lol xx
  • Not bad list, would add baby wipes (refreshing for you, if not using on baby), 'old' towels as you will be bleeding post birth when you have that first wash/shower, face cloths (one for mopping sweat during labour & one for washing), food/drinks for you & birthing partner (hospital machines are pricey & depending on when baby arrives it may be hrs before you see any otherwise)
  • Forgot to say, try on your disposable knickers before hand as they often come up very small. image
  • haha i bought large already had them on over my knickers see how they fit, like a weird shower cap it seems but i reckon with maternity pads on etc they should be just right and loose enough to be comfy xxx
  • GC from august but i'd also suggest milk in case bf doesn't happen. Most hospitals now are not supplying formula anymore and you have to take in your own. I'm taking in a few more babygros and bodysuits in case of sick and dodgy nappies and also bought a few tins of water in a spray as our hospital is tropical! xx
  • I am totally gatecrashing but there are a couple of things I found invaluable that i thought i would mention

    1. a small drinks bottle with undiluted squash in it. My hospital provided water but I got sick to death of it and felt like i needed the boost of something a bit sugary.

    2. A loo roll. I got this tip from someone else and was so glad I listened. The loo roll in my hospital was awful. Very very hard and rough on my sore lady parts :lol: I took in my own quilted one and it was lovely (once i remembered i had it)

    I agree with the straw tip too
  • just reading through - the loo roll is a good idea. And reminded me about stitches (mine were horrific). I couldn't touch down there. Someone had told me about this and to pack a small plastic measuring jug. When you wee you pour luke warm water down your area. That keeps it clean, less likely for stitches to get infected, and wee can make your stitches sting - this way the wee is diluted. I'll defo be doing the same again. But I may have been a bad case - 3rd degree tear and episiotomy :roll: but good idea to have just incase x
  • I would recommend taking in some squash as someone else mentioned as after while water is boring.

    Also I would suggest energy sweets I used them in last labour to keep up my energy levels as labour was fairly long and eating was something I didn't fancy although midwifes suggested I should.

    I suppose I should think about my bag soon x
  • Totally g/cing but I would second loo roll, it was like sand paper in our ward I had to ask hubby to bring something softer in and I had no tears!
  • thank you i best get packing myself my stuff ive done all babys bag ready its mine thats getting out of hand i dont think it willall fit! definately might get a pull along as a few people have mentioned especially if ill need take a pillow etc, popped a loo roll in ready just incase now! xx
  • Just been re-reading this thread after making my hospital bag list to see if anything is missing.

    This list was so helpful!

    The additional items I have are (although they are not all necessary!):



    iron pills


    nail clippers

    maternity notes

    hot water bottle


    hand cream

    phone & charger

    birth ball



    hand fan

    peppermint - good for wind and freshening up

    For Hubby:


    Phone numbers


    spare t-shirt

    spare pants and socks

    face wash


    leads for the above & batteries
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