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want home birth with second baby had pre-e with 1st baby.

haya ladies ok here goes iv had 4 mc in past iv ppcos finaly got pregnant with baby number 5 had hyperemsis was on lot meds including tummy injections i was eventualy induced at 38 weeks due to suspected pre-e during labour i tore internaly had lot stitches had anal prolapse sorry tmi back to back baby and babys heart dipped also placenta woulden budge had two mins left and they was gunna rush me to theatre to have placenta removed luckley it came out on the 43rd min through all this i refused all pain relive mad i know i just diden feel in control of everything and they kept offering me epidural and i stood my ground hated being in hospital would really love a home water birth one i want be close to my son secondley iv no birth partner at all no family iv cut all ties so there is me my 23 month old son and partner thirdley after a not very nice hospital birth i really want to be at home whats chances of me getting one im 12 weeks now so far pregnancy as been good.x


  • Hello congratulations on your pregnancy! There is nothing stopping you from planning a homebirth! As you have had preeclampsia once you have a slightly higher risk of getting it again but if all goes well then you could get your homebirth but you may have to fight for it!

    As for your placenta, did you have the injection last time? This can increase the chances of a retained placenta. the best way of helping the placenta to dethatch is to breastfeed ASAP afterbirth this releases oxytocin and contracts the uterus helping the placenta out image
  • As for having no birth partner please look at hiring a doula! if money is a problem most doulas will work for expences and if you can not afford them Doula uk have a hardship fund.A doula would be fantastic support weather you are in hospital or at home!
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