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Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to write and tell you all to never give up!

I was due on 2 weeks ago and was just starting to think to myself "here we go again" I decide last night to buy a pregnancy test to eliminate that as I am so used to doing. I did the test this morning and it was a positive result, I then did another and it this was also positive. I went to Boots this morning before work and brought the Clear Blue digital test that tells you how many weeks you are and I am 3+. I have an appointment at the doctors tomorrow.

I am so nervous though as I just have a feeling I may miscarry and the dream will become so near and then be taken away again!

Please don't ever give up. In the end I did not loose a great amount of weight so for me the doctors telling you to loose weight has baffled me.

Good Luck All



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