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toddler not sleeping straight away!

Now i know in the grand scheme of things my problem isn't really a problem but I'd still like some advice. My son is 27 months old and usually goes to bed around 8pm. We have been doing a bedtime routine since he was 6 weeks old; bath or wash, pyjamas, milk, book, cuddle, bed. And once he's asleep he's generally sleeps through to 6-7am. but the last couple of weeks he's not been going straight to sleep, chatting to himself til 9 - 10pm, he doesn't really bother about getting up, and seems to go off when he hears me go to bed, but i'm worried that he's not getting enough sleep.

I've given him books to read and his laptop to play on but think these are making him worse than better.

any suggestions? reducing his nap maybe?



  • i think probably giving him play things wont help him get to sleep but encourage staying up, do you think he still needs a day time nap, does he start to get grouchy in the day and need his nap? does he maybe need the nap earlier or shorter?

    our DS goes to bed at 8 and rarely goes striaght to sleep but then nor do i, hes happy just to lie there so i have never thought of it as a problem x
  • thansk both, no I don't think it's a major problem but still wondering whhether there's anything I can do to change it, he used to be very good!

    I've been wondering about his naps too. Up until recently he's definitely needed a nap, getting very grouchy around lunchtime, but this week both my hubby (who has him for 2 days when I'm working!) and the nursery say he's struggled to slee[p during naptime so I wonder if its just a natural progression to dropping his nap? I've got him over the weekend so going to see how we get on!
  • maybe worth trying to drop it then and see how you get on, good luck x
  • we have same problem. my is 23 months. I've tried to drop his nap but by 4pm there's no keeping him awake and then it does effect his nighttime sleep. i think its the transition to him dropping his nap. can remember when he went from 2 to 1 nap his sleep abit x
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