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im pregnant!


due end of march early april...!!!



    I haven't replied/commented on any posts since LO was born (nearly 9 months ago - wow!), but have been popping on. I saw you were trying, and thought maybe you're crazy (only kidding!). I'm thrilled for you. How are you feeling?

    People keep asking when our next one will be, and I just say I can't imagine been pregnant again this year, or next, but am quite broody, although can't see how another baby would fit into our family life - it's all so confusing!!!

    Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Here's to a happy and healthy nine months xx
  • haha thanks hun!

    i do feel a bit mad but i also feel like its the right time for us, as crazy as it may be.

    i am 4 weeks ish now so hoping my symptoms will continue and it'll put my mind at rest. I took another test this morning and the line was nice and dark image
  • Congratulations - i dont post much but as my ds was also a nov 10 baby i have seen a few of your posts and am really happy for you as i know you wanted number 2! i think we'll be a few years before next one!! x
  • Congratulations sweetie so pleased for you, but a bit jealous too - although we are stopping at four (for now at least), but still get that broody pang when hear someone is pregnant lol. Go for a homebirth you did so well when you had imogen, is hubby excited? Such a lovely age gap too just one school year between them they'll grow up so close. Hugs and congratulations again

    Jo xxx
  • thanks ladies!

    jo i will try for a home birth this time i think, my mw led birth was fab though so if i end up there i wont complain image

    just made my appt with doctor, scary times ahead!

    Awwww, I bet Imogen will make a fantastic bog sister.

  • not posted on here for ages! but huge Congrats to you and hubby (and imogen too). I really want another baba but not for a year or two! Sending you big hugs for an healthy & happy 9 months x x
  • BIG, not BOG! Silly me.
  • Congratulations Rosemary, really pleased for you x
  • Congratulations.

  • Congratulations, so happy for you. We have started trying again but took us a long while last time so not holding my breath. Keep us updated on your progress,

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