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Phantom pregnancy?

Hello Ladies,

Well basically i think im having a phantom pregnancy i done a test the other day and it was a bfn i done it in the evening. but i have had such a funning feeling in my tummy and been feeling sick also ive had hearburn all week. i know im not pregnant though but im getting lots of weird symptoms. has anybody else had a phantom pregnancy....?

lots of baby dust to all of you love from Chloe



  • Hey,

    Don't beat yourself up, it could be a severe case of "symptom spotting"!! I could do this every month!

    But it could a a shy bfp and its just too early to test, give yourself a few days a test again. Or, if you're anything like me, you will test every day until af comes!! Do a test on your first morning urine, as this is stronger and if you're testing early, its more likely to pick it up.

    T x
  • hi WindyMiller

    yeah im like u i wud be testing everyday. i just think im trying to find symptoms i will take another test in a week (well try and wait that long) lol.

    i just know its gonna be a bfn! image i havent had a period in over a year so surely i cant be...well thats what i keep telling myself

    much love xxx
  • Hey

    good luck you never no !

    I use to symptom spot but don't anymore lol no point.the witch finds me every time ha ha

    X x
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