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Distraction & Relaxation Items for Hospital Bag

Hi Ladies,

I know we have a few hospital bag threads and I'm fairly confident we have everything for little boy and most things for me but I wondered what you are packing to help distract and relax you during the first stage of labour in particular?

I've been doing NCT and so have learnt how it can help to feel relaxed and have familiar things around you but not sure what will work and what won't.

I suppose we will sort out an ipod list of songs that make me feel nice and strong and calm, some snacks (not sure what though) but not sure about going further or what to pack for my husband to help him survive if its a long labour.


  • Ive been thinking about what i can pack to entertain my hubby, as he will get bored and irrtate me lol
  • hi ladies

    music is a good idea, as are high energy snacks. Chocloate, sweeties, fizzy sugary pop! Also something snuggly and comforting to wear - although not much as you'll be hot and bothered. A big t shirt or something. Tens machine (they're brilliant, get one sorted if not already, you can hire them for next day delivery). Ask the unit you're having your baby in how they feel about you maybe bringing a soft lamp in (hospital lights can be bright) or if they have fans (it can be hot). Hot water bottles are a good idea - a lot of hospitals won't hear up lavender packs in their microwaves due to health and safety but they can put the kettle on for you.

    Once you're in labour your OH will really struggle to read or anything as his whole attention will be on you. Something for him to eat is a good idea as hospitals dont feed partners.

    I think the best thing to do is to wait at home for as long as possible, then you have a nice surprise when they examine you and less time in the labour room with the clock ticking. It can also be your partners responsibilty to update people - bare in mind whoever you tell you're going into hospital will ring every hour, on the hour and this can be irritating as it can be a long process.

    If its night time we've resolved not to wake anyone to say we're going in and hopefully just to give them a nice surprise the next day! But if its daytime we're only telling grandparents its begun. Can't be doing with the phone ringing and buzzing while im pushing! x
  • Great advice - thanks!
  • Hi tulip.

    With Elsie I packed my ipod and small ipod dock (with both plug and batteries!). I made different playlists for my different moods!!! Chilled / classical / upbeat / sentimental etc etc and it really helped as me and hubby listened to the music together and talked about old gigs etc.

    Pillow - lots of hospitals are not that generous with these!

    bubble bath - incase you are lucky enough to have a bath in your room and your waters haven't gone.

    birth ball - not all hospitals have them available during labour.

    My hubby sat and ate the food I'd packed him, read the paper, drank tea and listened to the music!!! He obviously helped me and kept me company but when I wanted to be left alone in my little world he just did that!!!! (whilst watching me over his paper!) x x x image
  • Hoping not to be in hospital too long. Want to stay at home as long as possible. I've packed snacks, and might pick up a couple of magazines nearer the time, but fingers crossed by the time i go in we'll both be too distracted by having a baby to be bored! Not planning to tell anyone when we go into hospital, much more fun to just let them know once he's arrived safely! xxx
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