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Morning all,

I'm having an issue with my employers about taking unpaid parental leave. My son was ill last month and I had to take two days off with him, they're now trying to make me take it as holiday rather than the parental leave I'd planned to take it as. They said that all their employees have done this in the past, but the thing is I don't want to take it as holiday as I have planned my holidays for the rest of the year and this will upset the plans!

Does anyone know if they can do this? I've kicked up a fuss as the last two companies I've worked for have had no problem! They've now said I can take it unpaid but now I feel guilty for kicking up a fuss and maybe I should just take it as holiday just to avoid any further problems!

I also don't like the way its been dealt with, my line manager sent me an e-mail accusing me of 'forgetting' to put it on my holiday form - I was fuming earlier, she was trying to make out I was trying to get out of it! I soon put her straight but now feel there's an atmosphere with me and the my manager and director who she got involved!

She's always been a bit of a bitch but ever since telling her I'm pregnant (12 weeks) I feel she's going out of her way to be nasty to me, or maybe I'm just too sensitive / hormonal!

Not sure if i'm looking for advice or not, really just wanted to get it off my chest!


  • i think you have done the right thing by fighting your corner! keep it as unpaid parental leave that way you still have all your holiday and personally i wouldnt give a toss about how your manager feels about it-why is it affecting her anyway??

    i would keep a notew of exactly what has gone on though just incase of any other problems further down the line.

    but good on you for sticking up for your self xx
  • You are legally entitled to up to 13wks unpaid leave for care of dependants (be it your child or slightly less abled elderly relative, if they depend on your care and support you're entitled to the leave to provide it). If any concerns arise over this in future you can find written details from or ACAS on your entitlements and family friendly rights.
  • My director has now looked into this, she's a bit slow on the uptake and won't even consider letting me do chilcare vouchers as they are too complicated for her (WTF!) and it turns out I'm only entitled to parental leave if I've been with the company for over 1 year, and I haven't, only started in April. Bit rubbish if you ask me, what am I supposed to say to my son, sorry darling you can't be ill!!

    What a stupid rule!
  • sorry just seen this- thats not the case- if you arent entitled to carers leave you ARE entitled to time off for dependants x
  • just to add if your child is sick and cant go to nursery- this falls into the breakdown of childcare bracket x
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