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Pain after running


Im 34+5days and i cant wait till my baby is here. now im going to tell you all the story.

I was helping my other half on the farm yesterday and he has just finished milking and was letting the cows out into the field when i reliased tht the gate to the road wasnt closed and they all decided that was the place to go and not the field, so i yelled on him(thinking he could here me) and ran down the far lane onto the road to chace them back into the yard. ive no idea what ive done but when i got back up to the yard ive had terrible pain round the lower part of my pelvis it was tht bad i could hardly walk. last night was awful i couldnt get up the stairs without the help(or lift) from my partner. im walking like a penguin today and still very sore i had a hot bath earlier which i thought would help only to discover i couldnt get out! had to ring him to come in and lift me up. i even went for a scan yesterday morning and everything is grand. i hope ive not done anything silly to anoy the baby. :?


  • Hey lovely. Sounds like you have irritated your pelvis. I have SPD and any amount of walking now puts me in agony. I can't have a bath as I can't get in or out and need help in and out of the shower. Walking up the stairs is agony too. If it is still as sore tomorrow make an appointment to see your GP or call your midwife but I am sure its nothing serious. Well done you for chasing cows at 34 weeks. I can't chase my dog never mind cows :lol: x
  • Oh bless ya.Sounds like spd to me.I have been lucky this pregnancy to not get it enough to bother me to much.hope your ok tho.x
  • Hi hun. Wow, you're doing well to be running around after cows at this stage! Last time I ran in gym was around 30 weeks and I had a really sore lower pelvis since. It's right between my legs and makes moving and walking very sore. NOt sure if it's an actual problem or if it's just pulled the ligaments too far and now I'm paying the price. Does that sound similar to you?

    Hope it feels better soon but if not, as someone said, see the midwife or doctor. xxx
  • Run i cant even walk lol

    Sounds like spd you can contact your midwife if it dosnt settle and they can refer for physio x
  • thanks guys,

    I went to see my gp yesterday, baby fine 100% he says ive got SDP. ive damaged the ligaments when i was running and that is what has caused the pain. its easing up but its worse in the morning when i get up or try to get up durning the night to go to the loo. I feel so silly woddling around the house now. think my days helping on the farm are over.

    Thanks again for your comments image

    Flump. xx
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