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is 37.5 classed as a temp?

It keeps getting high, been over the past 2/3 days now. I have been feeling quite crappy, but not in an ill ill way just feeling not right, if that makes sense lol.

I have tried stripping down to my underwear when I'm sat at home, cold water, paracetamol but they only seem to slightly take it down.

Should i be worried or is this normal?


  • not sure on the actual temp honey but just to let you know i have been really hot these last few days. have a cold so not great and have put it down to that. don't forget also that your blood is pumping really wuickly so you are bound to feel hotter

    Sb x
  • 37.5 is perfect hun. I too have been feeling the heat the last few days. x
  • 37.5 is a normal temp for a pregnant lady in this heat hun. Im a nurse and a temp of 37.5 is a low grade pyrexia, but very normal temp for us pregos with our little built in radiators image
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