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Quick question?

Hi girls iv got a question im 41weeks today and iv started loseing my mucus plug do you think labour might start soon?? im really hopeing it does as iv got to be induced on the 3rd an dont want to be because i was with my 1st and it ended in EMCS x x


  • Hi Jacki,

    I think it could do, or it could be a few days, but at least you have 4/5 days now for things to start moving. sounds hopeful image

    Good luck image
  • Thanks for the reply i really hope it happens soon cant take no more of pregnancy lol i see your pregnant an waiting aswell Good luck to you too xx
  • Sounds promising, you need to keep active it will really help good luck hope the bubs doesn't keep you waiting for induction xx
  • Hello girls jus thought id tell you i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 30/07/11 at 9:21pm an she weighed 6lb8oz xx
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