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AF and pregnancy symptoms just waaaayyyyyyyyyyy too similar!!!

I am a symptom spotting queen and just am so annoyed with it!!!! Don't want to take a test because I suppose deep down I know it will be negative but I am happily symptom spotting... sore boobs, twinges in the lady bits, tired, hungry... I know it is all silly - I also I am not one of those who is posting this, saying it is silly and then announcing a BFP two days later!!! Just need AF to show her ugly face!


  • Hi Munchie,

    I know exactly how you feel! I came off the pill at the end of June and although we have been ttc we didn't expect anything to come of it the first month. It's now been 34 days since I had my withdrawal bleed, I wouldn't normally think anything of this as I know it can take some time to get back to normal, regular periods BUT(!) I've had mild cramping for over a week now and still no sign of AF!! It's driving me potty! I've become a serial poas'er and even tested when I got up for a tinkle this morning at 4.15sm! It was a BFN, which I was expecting but it's still very disheartening!

    Wondering if there is any way we can get AF to arrive so we can get on with the next month of trying!! :?
  • I know what you mean completely! I sometimes want to jump up and down in the hope that that will work!! Maybe that's why my boobs are still sore; too much jumping!
  • AF has shown her ugly face today. First time in 4 months - and I've been rubbish at taking the metformin lately so I suppose I should be even happier. Bit peeved because we'd timed our bedroom antics really quite well and it hasn't worked.
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