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Waters breaking update

I posted a thread earlier this week asking if I would know if my waters had broken - despite all the lovely and helpful responses I got from you ladies I was still a bit concerned as (sorry TMI) but discharge is really watery at the mo and lots more of it.

Long story short I went along to MFAU yesterday. They did an internal and concluded it's just discharge, cervix is closed and baby checked on monitor and he is fine. I know I was being a bit anxious but they said I did the right thing going in.

Hubby keeps joking that I need to relax! Er, what's that?! :lol:


  • I had this at 22 weeks i was at work and my scrubs were soaking, it was leukaria. But still scary.
  • I am going through the watery discharge at the moment but I had it on Megan too so I haven't been so concerned this time around. I think you did the right thing too. Its better to be safe than sorry. But boo on your cervix being closed, on megan I was 1cm from 32 weeks which is 100% normal apparently. I haven't had an internal on this one yet x
  • Glad all is OK and it's reassuring to know it's normal. I've had a lot too and it does make you question.

    It's seriously like being on the 2ww again now isn't it. You know that chances are baby will be late but also know that babies do come early. Mad times ahead... xxx
  • Glad to hear that bubs is still hanging on in there a tad longer and that you took the safe rather than sorry approach. Am feeling a lot more damp in that area recently and can only assume it's cervix preparing to dilate and expand. So close now, we'll be seeing BA's in just a few weeks time.
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