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Hey Ladies for those of you bf your lo's who are older than 8 months how much bf / solids are they getting? im still giving lo a afternoon bf but im thinking its about time to cut it out? does he really need it, he has also stopped taking his afternoon nap and is now using the feed to grab 10mins sleep.


  • I have a 4 year old and a new baby. I breast fed my 4 year old as normal till she was one and solids are extras, which are needed but their milk should be their main source of nutrition until they are a year. They should have 20oz of milk until that age. I found this out just this week at a weaning group held by the community dietician x
  • I bf my 16 month old. I'd say give milk when they want it but try to deal with the napping on you soon! Toddles has milk in the morning, around 4pm and at bed. When I'm not at work she also has milk before her afternoon nap.
  • My daugter is 8 and a half months and breastfeeds, 7, 11, 3 and 7 then down for the night. I asked the HV this very question a month ago and she said it was absolutely fine hoping to knock the 11 and 3 ones to one feed in the middle before she is 10 months then will wean straight to cows milk when she is 1 x
  • Hi Jemcol, i have just stopped BF after 9 months and i have just been replacing BF's with bottles, i was BF at 6.30, 3pm and 7.30pm along with 3 meals a day and a snack in the morning (as she was only having a 2 minute feed around 10am and i didnt see the point of it any more. My HV said that as long as she was getting a BF morning and night and plenty of dairy in the form of yoghurt and cheese in the day then it would be fine - at the time DD was disinterested in both mid morning and mid afternoon feeds but once i dropped the mid morning she drank loads in the afternoon.
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