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33 weeks and cramping...

I am 33 weeks today and have been cramping on and off since 3ish

I know i don't have an infection as i seen my midwife today and nothing was in my urine.

I mentioned to her that i had cramping and she said to keep an eye on it, she checked baby and said her head is resting on my pelvis getting ready to start engaging.

can you even have contractions without baby being engaged?

Im also having a lot of discharge (sorry tmi)


  • Oh Emma, you do sound like your suffering, cyber hugs your way. Yes hon, it's possible to get your BH without baby being engaged and yes they won't always be painless. It's perfectly normal to have cramps and spasms within the pelvic/groin area as baby prepares and subsequently does engage as that will be where baby's weight becomes focused. As for discharge, as long as it doesn't smell horrendous (which normally means infection) then again it is part of the package of nearing labour. Take things easy, we really don't have too long left now. Best wishes.
  • I've had some cramping too and everything feels really heavy - I think it's just the beginning of the end. I asked my m/w about discharge the other day and she says that we pregnant ladies actually produce more in warmer weather. Not long now x
  • Feeling the same hun, my bump is quite tender at the bottom. I have been having BH even though she is breech so yes it is possible. xx
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