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BFP....hoping its 3rd time lucky x

well im back again =) praying this bfp is 3rd time lucky am soooooo scared do any of u lovely ladies have anry advice or 3rd time lucky success stories?

love an luck to all

hayley xxx


  • Dont have any advice lovely, but wanted to say congratulations xxxxxx
  • aww congratulations!Ive never been thru a miscarriage or ectopic nhope never to go thru it.Just remember to drink loads of water and take folic acid,eat healthily and rest plenty(oh n not to sit with ur legs crossedlol,my midwife toldme off the other day for sittin with my legs crossed)!I hope this baby is a sticky one for u! x x x
  • Congratulations on your BFP! I don't have any advice i'm afraid, other than take each day as it comes. I won't say don't worry because thats impossible. I've been trying to find some distractions, like this weekend we did a jigsaw (exciting hey?)

    Good luck, and i hope this is your super sticky bean.

  • Hi Hayley,

    That is lovely news image

    I had a m/c in Feb and i am now 12 weeks pg.

    At the time of my 1st m/c i was very stressed with work and travelling alot. I thought i could take it all in my stride, i came down with a bad cold and still carried on - how very stupid of me. This time around i have taken things alot easier, working normal hours, going to bed early. Taking my supplements, and keeping a PMA.

    It's tough but try and keep relaxed,

    Fingers crossed for you, i am sure you will be fine

    Take care and congratulations x x
  • Hi

    I don't have any advice but I am in the same boat as you. I had a MMC in Sept 2010; found out at 12 week scan. Then I had another MMC in Feb 2011; found out at 8 week scan.

    Now I am 6 weeks pregnant and have an early scan booked for 18th Aug so fingers crossed.

    I am trying to be positive but it is difficult. I am taking a pregnancy suppliment and doing moderate exercise. I am eating what I can becuase I feel sick most of the time, which is a good sign I suppose but you don't feel it...have you been feeling sick?

    Have you booked an early scan with your EPU?

    Good Luck x
  • i have my midwife app on the 10th of august an she will book me an early scan as she did last time! iv have extreme waves of nausea v sore boobs and feeling tired alot had a few cramps too! feel like im living on egg shells!

    good luck hun =) xx
  • Hi mum2hols, I dont come on BE as much as I did but good luck to you.

    I am a third time lucky girl and just reached the 28week marker today so my only words of wisdom are to stay calm and relax and enjoy it!

    My first mc was natural at 5/6 weeks in Jan 2010 and then I suffered a mmc just before my 12 week scan in July 2010. We then got our third BFP in Feb this year and are due on 14th Nov....I had lots oe early scans and we tried to stay positive and not build our hopes up too much...I think we were shocked more than anything that it had happended twice so were trying to be prepared for a third time but here we are counting down to birth day and watching and feeling a wriggly little baby inside!

    good luck and enjoy....let me know how your scan went?

  • hey there thankyou for writting sorry for your losses yes 2 is very hard! i decided not to have an early scan......with my last pregnancy i had an early scan at 6 weeks and still went on the miscarry after that! im now 9 weeks =) got my 12 week scan in 3 weeks so far so good no pain or spotting and been very sick =) x
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