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Chinese prediction chart

Has anyone tried this? A few friends of mine swear by it and has got their children's sex right, mine thou sed my 1st would b a girl and was a Boy, my 2nd a boy and it was a girl and this one a boy so I take it it shall v be a girl!! Haha!!

I won't be finding out the sex at my 20 wk scan but that doesn't mean I won't be looking for a willy and doing all the gender prediction tests online!! Hehe :x


  • That's ment to be a :lol: at the end and not a :x lol xx
  • Hi

    I used this with my first and it said we would be having a boy, we had a girl! This time it says we're having a girl, so we shall have to wait and see if it's right! I do like doing the gender prediction quiz's though, just for abit of fun! image

  • No I havent, but I am convinced I am having a boy. I might go have a look and see what it says. My friend did it and it said she was having a girl and turned out to be a boy xx
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