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Also posted in IVF and assisted conception, but think here may be a better place

Hi everyone.

Well it feels like AF is on her way again so I'm pondering and analysing my way through the morning (just for a change).

I had swabs and an internal back in March after having spotting and some odd pinchy feelings to the right of my tum in Feb at about 6DPO. He ruled out EMC because AF was neither heavy nor painful. My swabs came back clear, GP found nothing and sent me for a scan, where they found one small cyst that would be no trouble and probably go on its own. We got referred a short while later. My bloods came back as normal. Hubby's SA came back as 'good'. Now we are waiting on the HSG in Dec-Jan and an appointment with the specialist nurse in Feb.

I have 2 questions if anyone can answer them.

1. What was the doc looking for with the swabs and internal?

2. What will the nurse do next if I ovulate, hubby's sperm is good and my tubes aren't blocked? I'm sure I won't qualify for medication. I don't know much about this because nobody's told me much Thanks for reading xXx


  • Heya hun unfortunately i dont know the asnwers to your questions hun, i think it would prob be best if you contact your doctor and ask them what they were looking for.

    Sorry couldnt be much more help!!!

  • Hiya!!

    I replied over on IVF/assisted conceptions

  • Hi Emmie,

    Haven't seen jonzemonkey's response so apologies if I repeat... I think the swabs check for any infection, chlamydia etc. In terms of next steps... often the first step is a couple of rounds of clomid - even to people who ovulate as it can just help things along. After than it would probably be IUI as you don't have any major issues as to why it's not happening

    I'm just embarking on IUI so shout if you've any queries x
  • Thank you very much ladies and the very best of luck to you all xXx
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