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mattress query

Do you need to buy something to protect your mattress when breastfeeding?

I know mt breast will leak, but i dint always want to wear a bra to bed, so i wont be able to keep pads in.


  • What a great question, I hadnt thought of this! Ill be keen to nosy at the answers too image x
  • I have a mattress protector under my under sheet which I just take off and wash every couple of weeksx
  • I have bought breast feeding crop tops for night time - you can stick the pads in and they are very comfy to sleep in xx
  • I just use an old towel over the sheet which serves to protect against leaks from both boobs and the other end whilst still bleeding after birth. DH even helps making sure it is all laid out for me before I climb into bed and putting it away in the morning (at least this is what happened with DD and I'm hopeful will happen again in a few short weeks).
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