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Hi everyone, I'd be really grateful if you could post your thoughts on which baby feeding bottles have worked really well for you, and why. Things like if you bought a certain brand for value, ease of use, anti-colic properties etc, etc. I'm doing a report for the Oct issue and would love your feedback. Thanks so much, Alison, Consumer Editor


  • I always liked the Tommee Tippee brand with their closest to nature bottle teats. The teats are designed to mimic mum's breast so baby has easier switch from BF to bottle, the shape of the bottle is also nice and curvy so easy for baby to grip whilst feeding. Also once they start teething the bottles can be used with the first sips cups handles and lids for larger or smaller quantities. I used them with DD and have kept them ready for our new arrival due next month.
  • Thanks for your feedback KazzieM, Alison
  • I used Tommee Tippee with my daughter (whose now aged 3) the only trouble I had was the shape of the bottle. If we were out and had to heat the bottle up (eg instore bottle warmer or a jug) sometimes the bottles wouldn't fit in them (making it awkward to heat up! I then used Avent for my son (Whose 1) which are fine (but they have a tendency to leak) I think with my next one (although not currently expecting image ) I would probably use a mothercare own brand... xx
  • Hi , again i always used the Tommee Tippee brand even had the steriliser and found them to be really good . The shape of the bottle is good and the teats also and they always washed really well. A few friends used other brands and had to change teats a few times with Tommee Tippee didn't have that problem at all .
  • Great feedback heffalump2011 and YummyMummy27! Ta
  • We started with tommee tippee closer to nature because we had been bought them. They were great for the first week but then Abigail got colic and she was so poorly. After 2 nights of no sleep my neighbour recommended Dr.Brown bottles. Although they were expensive (it cost about ??25 for 4) they have been great, I wouldn't look back now. Abby hasn't had colic since and brings her wind up well. The bottles are quite big though and with more parts than standard bottles but to be honest we just don't care, as long as she is happy and healthy and not in pain I can handle ugly looking bottles
  • hey, im using the avent bottles, the normal and the anit colic ones. I find the anti colic ones are brilliant Alex hasnt coliced since I started using them. I did have tommie tippie bottles as I liked the reviews and the shape they were nice to hold but he didnt seam to like them as much so I went for my second choice, philips Avent.
  • I love the advent anti colic bottles xx
  • I have been using TT Close to nature bottles since my son was 3days old and he is still using them now at 8months. We havnt had a prob with them at all. He was able to drink from it from the start and even when i needed to change to the vaired flow teats there was no probs. I will be using the TT Close to nature bottles again when we have a 2nd baby! Would recomend these bottles to all my friends and to anyone looking at bottles. XX
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