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Ovuation pains?

Hi guys,

Well, I have had the worst pains I've had so far in my "clomid fun"! About when I expected to ovulate, the right side (have been ovulating on alternate sides, apparently) fits in with my opk's, but it was so much more painful- sharp, bent double sort of pains. For a few hours this afternoon.

I'm hoping its good news! But we'll see. Anyone else had pains this bad before?

Windy x


  • All sounds good hun...fingers crossed for this cycle!

    I have actually had that kinda thing when i think i might be ov which i think i might be as iv been having periods...but i am not sure!!

    Sounds promising though hun!!

  • Sounds promising, Windy. I have had them in the last few months, and sometimes they catch you by surprise!

    FIngers crossed x
  • Is it one of those moments where I am allowed to say yay! Your body is doing something?!?! Hopefully it is getting down to the business of baby. :lol:
  • Hi windy

    You know I'd never even herd of ov pains till I started TTC! But i do get them & they can be very painful & were definitly worst last month after taking clomid for the first time!

    So sounds promising for you, good luck! Xx
  • hey windy, i get ov pains every month. not as bad as they used to be but bd'ing is incredibly painful which is absolutely ridiculous because i have to do it. i don't get it as bad as i used to. before i had the endometreosis removed the pain was unbearable and i would most months have to leave work early and lie on sofa until the pain had passed!

    its all good news tho hun so get cracking on with the bd'ing image

  • I'm allowing myself a teensy weensy bit of hope!!!! Ok, I'm looking at pushchairs and working out my due date online, but thats normal for me!!
  • Good Luck Windy! xx
  • Windy - you make me laugh :lol:
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who figures out my due date... I did this practically every month until I found out that it's never going to happen the natural way :lol:
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