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Hey ladies,

I noticed some of you have really nice signatures which say how far along you are. How do you get these and do they tick along automatically or do you have to update them manually? I'd love to get one but don't have the first clue about how to do it!!



  • If you click on mine it will take you to the website where you can make one, or google "pregnancy tickers" and it will show you all the websites available to make them on.

    They update automatically.

    Shell xx
  • Thanks very much Shell. I've managed to make one now but how do I get it to show on my posts on the site? I've got a code but tried entering it in the signature box on my profile page & it gave me an error saying it had too many characters but not sure if i'm doing it properly. Sorry if i'm being stupid, computers aren't really my thing ha ha!! xx
  • hi lorna, the code you are looking to attach is the BB code. Depending on which site you have made your ticker on, you may find it amongst other codes, you need to make sure it is just the BB part you are highlighting to copy and paste.
  • Thank you so much ladies, I managed it image


    Lorna xx
  • Looks like you've figured it out! V nice.
  • Yeah at last - i'm rubbish with technology but got there in the end image xx
  • . . . . Time to see if mine works aha :P x

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