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20 weeks today!

Hi Ladies

Bit of a pointless post but just wanted to say 'We're halfway through' - can you believe it? Only another 20 to go then!!

wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2nd half!

Rach x


  • Woohoo! Me too.

    How are you feeling? I got sent home from work today for looking shattered...I have worked 2 weeks without a day off. But now home, I can't sleep in the middle of the day.

    Have you had your scan yet?
  • i cant believe i got a week or so til im halfway...still a long way to go though :roll:
  • hey gingerpoodle.

    no my scan is next monday and i can't flippin wait! desperate to know if i'm having another pink one - really want another girl!!!!

    when is yours? x
  • 20 weeks today. Woo hoo. 20 week scan next wednesday when I'll actually be 21 weeks. Still can't decide if to find out xx
  • hi guys!! im 20 weeks exactly next thu and thats when my scan is.

    excited and nervous at the same time. just want it to be healthy!

    we've decided to find out the sex. i already have a 2 yr old boy so would be nice to have a girl though i dont mind too much!

    im making sure im busy nest mon tue wed so the week goes quicker for me

    sb xx

  • My scan was on monday. It was fab. Bubs was being a little wriggler and trying to do a head stand. Dh thinks it looks like an alien oin thw pic...the spine is very prominent. My gorgeous little alien. We stayed yellow.

    SB, definitely need to keep busy. Thanks to the rioters I had no problems with taking my mind off waiting for the scan.

    Hope all the scans go well. GP x
  • i seriously admire you ladies who are staying yellow - i am just far too impatient, i have to know. i couldn't bear the thought of the sonographer knowing and not me!!!

    besides, i need to know if it's a boy as i will be asking for a c section if it is! reason being my daughter was 8 lbs so the boy would be much bigger AND my husband is 6ft 2 with a big head and broad shoulders so i just know baby would get stuck and i'd have a mare so i need to know in advance!! I know this sounds a tad dramatic but MIL had a tough time with hubbie cos of his size and i'm not exactly small at 5ft 7 so there's no way he'd be a tiddler! i also have 2 friends who had horrendous births with large boys. i feel it pays to be in the know so to speak!

    what's the betting that bubs has its legs crossed and we won't find out?!!
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