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Anyone still feeling a bit lightheaded?

Any of you lovely DIJ 2012 ladies still having episodes of fuzzy lightheaded-ness?

I seem to be getting them again, more so at work in the morning (I had one this morning!) where I have to try and sit with my head between my legs, which is becoming increasingly hard due to bump, and the fact my boobs have no where to go but to push into my chin when I do this! lol.

I hope i'm not the only one x


  • The docs have been monitoring my blood pressure and say its absolutely fine (was 115 over something at my 17 week check) so I have no idea! The only thing I can think of is that its to do with blood sugar, which they don't check x
  • I've had several near faints in the past fortnight and have been having dizzy spells since v early on. Midwives have said it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy - change in hormone levels causing dizziness and my consultant said the worst of it should be over as hormones start to stabilise. Have also heard it's caused by dips in BP and was advised to avoid warm baths, staying in one position for too long and getting too hot

    K x
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